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Hey guys, Pixelmon 5.1.1 just dropped! We've been waiting for this update for a long time!

You will need to update to version 5.1.1 to join Pixelmon Realms!

Installation Instructions

  • Pixelmon Launcher: Create a new Profile or Edit your current one and select 5.1.1 as the version; download and then join as normal.

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Hey everyone! This is the first public changelog for the server, from now on all of them will be public as well :) Over the past few days a lot has been changed, this includes:

  • New Site 
    • A fancy new theme and layout, if any bugs occur PM Phantom on discord.

  • New Store
    • Moved to BuyCraft with a matching theme and layout to our brand new website!
    • Note: Players who already have bought ranks with the old store will need to use if they wish to upgrade!

  • Optimizations to reduce lag
    • We are still working on this however we can currently hold a total of 75 players with 0 lag! We hope to soon be able to hold up to 100!

  • Crates Added - Limited time 50% off!
    • Four new crates have been added! All the crates can be obtained by purchasing them from our new donation store or being lucky when opening a Vote Crate!
    • The possible rewards of these crates can be viewed in the donation store!

  • New GUI Backpacks - Limited time 50% off!
    • Added /backpack which can be also purchased on our new donation store!

  • Addition of Gen 1-6 Shiny Pokemon in the store
    • You can now purchase every Pokemon there is in Pixelmon! 
    • If any Pokemon are missing which you wish to buy PM Phantom on discord!

  • New Staff Members
    • FlamboyantLoser - Mod > Admin
    • NewEraStar - Helper > Mod
    • Th3Daddy - Helper > Mod
    • Lunafaaye - Helper > Mod
    • _GOOM_ - Helper

  • Addition of the vote page
    • New vote page displaying the top monthly voter!

  • Addition of /playtime
    • Displays your total playtime on the server!

  • Fix of TMS/HMS sell prices
    • Sell prices reduced and fixed to be the same and similar for all TMS/HMS