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No lies this time all truth

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What server where you banned on?

Who banned you?
-don’t remember

Why were you banned?
-I wasn’t falsely accused of using pokeradar im tired of lying I didn’t think It was the right thing to do but I still did it The reason I was banned was because the admin that spawned in the shiny Aron cought me going straight for it

Reason for asking to be unbanned?
-I am asking to Be unbanned because I think everyone deserves a second chance and I am also very sorry that I tried to cheat on the server in my first day I played about 12 hours and it was so fun I bought pro for it so i could pokeheal my Pokémon all I’m asking is for a second chance I hope you can forgive me
Posted Jan 8, 19 · OP · Last edited Jan 9, 19
axman66 Admin
Edit this post with proof of you not having pokeradar anymore. Also if you are found using pokeradar and or lying to staff again you will be per banned with no appeal
Posted Jan 8, 19
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