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TriXX5 Ban Appeal

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Minecraft Username:
- TriXX5

What server where you banned on?
- Sapphire

Who banned you?
- I don't know, was offline

Why were you banned?
- In-game glitching

Reason for asking to be unbanned?

Earlier I made a post confused about why I got banned until one of my friends steam called me, Twitchy_Richie_ was also banned for the same thing, we were both breed stacking and I don't recall seeing a rule where we can't do that. As of matter of fact, both of us had never played in the server for a full month yet so this is our first ban in a pixelmon server. I am a noob when it comes to this and I have only played pixelmon for less than a month as well, this is indeed my first server I play on so I ask the server to help me and one of the donators told me I could put more than one ranch in a 9x9 tile to breed (Ace rank i think). I don't think we deserve a perma ban for something we didn't know that we did wrong + it's our first ban. ty
Posted Mar 13, 19 · OP · Last edited Mar 13, 19
IceePengu Admin
This is not apart of the modpack or the server and is entirely possible to regulate as we can’t actually see who does this other than checking the ranch blocks. Doing this again will result in a perm ban with no appeal, unbanned.
Posted Mar 13, 19
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