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(xray) and regret :_YTEwincorn_

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Server banned from:

Person who had banned me:
I dont quite remember but he was a mod on at around 6:30 western time

Why was i banned:
I was banned because of the abusing the x-ray cheat (mod)

Reasoning for the unban: first off, out of all the servers I've played, some few servers, maybe none, were not as good the experience I've had on this server. I've spent countless hours of my life, training, staying up late to make sure that my beginning day goals were met. I was planning to start on this server with my friends. I wanted to be able to help them get a better start using x-ray. I meant to use it only for a little bit of cash. But my greed to get the best of me, and then i faced embarrassment, and sorrow. Once I saw the mod, I knew I was going to regret my terrible actions, therefore leading my ban. I sit in shock while i just realized, that i have spent very precious time working and farming, and having it taken away by a simple mistake. Sorry if the appeal got a little cheesy and cringey, but all I hope is to be able to play once again. Thank you for reading this, with your time and patience and i wish you a very great day.

P.S. I have uninstalled my x-ray mod. :). And MSG me if something is needed at or reply to this thread.

sry, i have 2 monitors

can you sign up for helper even if you were banned because i want to be able to help people.
Posted Mar 14, 19 · OP · Last edited Mar 16, 19
axman66 Admin
No you cant get staff if you have been banned before. No point of enforcing rules if you cant follow them yourself

If you are found wth xray again you will be perm banned with no appeal

Appeal Accepted
Posted Mar 16, 19
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