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ban appeal xray mod

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Captura+de+pantalla+%282%29_1553262112.png Minecraft Username:

What server where you banned on?

Who banned you?
-dont recall

Why were you banned?
-using the xray mod

Reason for asking to be unbanned?
-I just wanted to make my base fancy didnt use any xray items obtained for personal growth within the server if its so bad I wont use it again i dont mind lossing all the ores that where obatained through the mod i simply injoy playing on this server and would like to regain access to it if possible
the requested ss has been uplaoded
Posted Mar 14, 19 · OP · Last edited Fri at 9:42
Rhinimoon Mod
Can you add a Screenshot of your Mods folder and when it was last edited
Posted Fri at 02:18 am
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