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xray hacking

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Minecraft Username:
- FireCaster15

What server where you banned on?
- sapphire

Who banned you?

Why were you banned?

Reason for asking to be unbanned?
- Pokemon is life and i cant live without it so i ask for you forgiveness just this once and i truly do love this server and will never do anything that would or will get me baned so i ask that you plz forgive me amd will never hack again.

Screenshot+%289%29_1555285802.png Screenshot+%287%29_1555285809.pngScreenshot+%283%29_1555285844.png
Posted Sun at 07:51 pm · OP · Last edited Sun at 19:51
__Doggo Mod
Appeal accepted

If you are banned again there will be no appealing it.
Posted Sun at 07:57 pm
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