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My ban appeal

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Hello, my minecraft username is SoKristina. I was banned permenently on pixelmon saffire for x-ray. i dont know by who. i admit to it and i wont say i didnt use it. i donated to the server and i like it a lot. i know it was wrong of me to use x-ray and i apoligize. please forgive my spelling since its not my native toungh. i whould like to be unbanned if possible and i promise if i wont hack again. i love pixelmon and i dont wanna lose my progress. again i apoligize and admit to my actions. hope you can see it in your heart to forgive me and let me play again on my favourite server.

thank you and im sorry for hacking
Posted Mon at 01:54 pm · OP
__Doggo Mod
please post a screenshot of your texture packs and mods with the last date of change visible
Posted Mon at 02:20 pm
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