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nicx05 ban apeal

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Minecraft Username:

What server where you banned on?

Who banned you?

I don't know

Why were you banned?

I wrote a sign that was inappropriate and offensive

Reason for asking to be unbanned?
It was my first and final strike also that day I placed the sign my dad left me and my family, and my friends wanted to cheer me up by playing pixelmon. I don't know what I was thinking but I
promise to never do it again. Even though it's was my second day on the server I found this community happy, something I wish I could be. I ask to please appeal my ban from the server.
Posted Mon at 04:18 pm · OP · Last edited Mon at 16:19 by nicx05
__Doggo Mod
Appeal Accepted

If you are banned again, you will not be entitled to an appeal and it will be permanent.
Posted Mon at 04:32 pm
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